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Deuses, demônios e símbolos da antiga Mesopotâmia

BLACK, J. ; GREEN, A. Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia. Illustrations by Tessa Rickards. Austin: University of Texas Press, [1992] 2016, 192 p. - ISBN 9780292707948. 

BLACK J. ; GREEN, A. Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia

This book offers an introductory guide to the beliefs and customs of the ancient Mesopotamians, as revealed in their art and their writings between about 3000 B.C. and the advent of the Christian era. Gods, goddesses, demons, monsters, magic, myths, religious symbolism, ritual, and the spiritual world are all discussed in alphabetical entries ranging from short accounts to extended essays. Names are given in both their Sumerian and Akkadian forms, and all entries are fully cross-referenced. A useful introduction provides historical and geographical background and describes the sources of our knowledge about the religion, mythology and magic of "the cradle of civilization".

Jeremy Allen Black (1951 - 2004) was a leading Assyriologist, master of Sumerian literature, and Oxford University Lecturer.

Anthony Green (1956-2012) was a field archaeologist and expert in Ancient Near Eastern religious iconography. He has conducted extensive archaeological fieldwork in Syria and Iraq and writes on ancient Mesopotamian art and archaeology.

Tessa Rickards is a freelance archaeological illustrator specializing in ancient Mesopotamia. She has worked as an illustrator on numerous international excavations in the Middle East.

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