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Sinagogas no século I d.C.

'Synagogues' in the New Testament Period
The study of the ancient synagogue has recently been the focus of a great deal of scholarly literature. While a previous generation of scholars had a very clear idea of what was meant by a reference to a first-century synagogue–it was an architecturally defined public building which was used for religious purposes, especially on the Sabbath–many of these assumptions have now been questioned. Two periods have especially interested scholars: the origin of the synagogue, and the first-century period, which is of particular interest to those working in New Testament studies. It is into this second category that my work, Reconstructing the First-century Synagogue, fits, and it is this period that this essay will address.

Leia o artigo completo de Stephen K. Catto, Lecturer in Biblical and Theological Studies, Morelands College, UK, autor do livro Reconstructing the First-Century Synagogue: A Critical Analysis of Current Research. London: T & T Clark, 2008, 226 p. - ISBN 9780567045614.

Em The Bible and Interpretation.

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