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História de Israel: recomendo dois artigos

As aulas estão aí, é hora de "pegar no batente" novamente. E para quem estuda História de Israel recomendo dois artigos publicados em julho em The Bible and Interpretation.

E não é só: há muita coisa boa por lá sobre Arqueologia, Manuscritos do Mar Morto, Jesus Histórico, Interpretação da Bíblia...

Mas, os dois artigos são:

:: The Persian Period and the Origins of Israel: Beyond the "Myths" - By Efraín Velázquez II - Universidad Adventista de las Antillas, Puerto Rico - July 2009

Diz o Abstract:
The issues of settlement and the origin of Israel are commonly associated with the Late Bronze and Iron Ages. These periods have been considered the loci of the early biblical materials. However, more recently, these assumptions about the origin of the biblical texts and even the factuality of the events presented in them have been questioned. The discussion of the origins of Israel is now focused on the Persian period. Whereas this newer emphasis is somewhat strained and tends to repeat some of the unfortunate mistakes made by earlier interpreters, the debate over Israel in the Persian period nevertheless illuminates the discussion of Israel’s origin in earlier periods.

:: On Those We Influence - By Thomas L. Thompson - Professor Emeritus: University of Copenhagen - July 2009

Começa assim:
I have just returned from a two-week lecture tour in the Middle East, which included talks in Damascus, Amman, and East Jerusalem. Revisiting old friends after an absence of some four years, I find myself still much preoccupied with the discussions and conversations I took part in while I was there. Among some of the questions on my mind is the one raised by Professor Eric Meyer in his essay to Bible and Interpretation [Israel and Its Neighbors Then and Now: Revisionist History and the Quest for History in the Middle East Today] about the influence I have had on the historical self-understanding of Palestinians.

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