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Dois novos livros de Philip R. Davies

Excelente notícia. Vem aí novo livro de Philip R. Davies. Publicação prevista para dezembro de 2007.

DAVIES, P. R. The Origins of Biblical Israel. London: T & T Clark, 2007, 192 p. - ISBN 9780567043818.

Diz a editora:
The book starts from the problem defined by recent archaeological discovery about the societies that formed the backbone of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, their origins and their relationship. It has become clear that the biblical notion of a 12-tribe 'nation' united by descent and religion does not correspond to these findings. The challenge is not to argue endlessly about how far the differing accounts can be reconciled, as a prolongation of an old debate about biblical 'historicity', but to try and understand what historical, social and cultural process led to the production of the biblical portrait of an Israel of 12 tribes embracing two kingdoms. Davies argues for the importance of the role of Bethel as a royal sanctuary, then a central sanctuary of the Neo-Babylonian and Persian province of Judah. In particular, the figure of Jacob as the ancestor of 'Israel', associated with Bethel, became the eponym of the biblical 'all Israel' and the name 'Israel' survived as the name of a new society, even as Jerusalem was re-established as the major, and subsequently the only, official Judaean temple.

E não vamos nos esquecer que há outro livro de Philip R. Davies programado para maio de 2008, como já anotara em + Novidades:

DAVIES, P. R. On the Origins of Judaism. London: Equinox Publishing, 2008, 224 p. ISBN 9781845533267.

Deste livro diz a editora:
This book covers several basic issues in the formation of early Judaism. It explores the identity of those who produced and canonized the Hebrew Bible and subsequently shaped its interpretation, re-examines the significance and impact of Second Isaiah, and the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, traces the root of Jewish apocalyptic literature, and the possible origins of the exodus story. Two final chapters consider the mechanics of table fellowship in diaspora Judaism and consider the ethical systems of the Hebrew Bible and of the Athenian tragedians in the light of their respective social and political structures. Some of these essays have previously appeared but all have been revised.

E apresenta o seguinte sumário:

1. Introduction: The Bible and Judaism

Part One: Judaism and the Hebrew Bible
2. Who really wrote the Bible?
3. The roots of biblical and Jewish law
4. The biblical foundations of Judaism
5. God of Cyrus, God of Israel
6. How Did Ezra meet Nehemiah?

Part Two: The roots of Jewish Apocalyptic Literature
7. The Social World of Apocalyptic Literature
8. The Origin of Evil according to Early Judaism

Part Three: Judaism in the Diaspora
9. Getting in and out of Egypt
10. Eating and Drinking among Greeks and Romans
11. Greek and Jewish Tragedy Compared

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