domingo, 10 de junho de 2007

Livro novo do Seminario sobre Metodologia Histórica

GRABBE, L. L. (ed.) Ahab Agonistes: The Rise and Fall of the Omri Dynasty. London: T & T Clark, 2007, 368 p. ISBN 9780567045409

Esta é a mais recente publicação do grupo que compõe o Seminário Europeu sobre Metodologia Histórica (European Seminar on Historical Methodology).

Diz a editora T & T Clark sobre o livro:
In this volume the European Seminar on Historical Methodology uses the period of the 9th and 8th centuries as a field for investigating the question of writing a history of Israel. This period provides a striking example in which the biblical text can be compared with other written and arti-factual sources. Contributors explore a variety of aspects of the history of the period of Omri and Ahab and the following Jehu dynasty. As a volume it provides a comprehensive picture of the sources, the historical problems, and the areas of major debate. Participants discuss such topics as the dating of prophetic texts, the house of Ahab in Chronicles, the Tel Dan inscription, the Mesha inscription, the Jezebel tradition, the archaeology of Iron IIB, the relationship between the biblical text and contemporary sources, and the nature of the Omride state. An introductory chapter summarizes the individual papers and also the relevant section of Mario Liverani’s recent history of the period. A concluding `Reflections on the Debate’ summarizes the issues raised in the papers and provides a perspective on the discussion.

Este livro foi incluído também na bibliografia sobre História de Israel e na página + Novidades da Ayrton's Biblical Page.

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