quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2007

Revista Paleorient online

Descubro em Egyptology News a notícia de que a revista Paléorient, dedicada à pesquisa da pré-história e proto-história do Oriente Médio, está disponível online. Site em francês e inglês.

Transcrevo da apresentação de Paléorient:
"The purpose of the journal is to facilitate exchanges between prehistorians, archaeologists, and palaeoanthropologists working between the Mediterranean and the Indus and between Central Asia and the Gulf, as well as among specialists in the various fields concerned with the evolution of humans in their natural environment. Twice a year Paléorient publishes several synthetic articles, notes, reviews in French or English, and a general bibliographical index of books and articles which have appeared in the two preceding years. Some issues are devoted to proceedings of colloquia ; others are thematic. All contributions are accompanied by abstracts and lists of key-words in French and English. Distributed in twenty-two countries, Paléorient is today recognized as the appropriate place for the presentation and discussion of the progress in research in all aspects of the pre- and proto-history of the Middle East. Founded by Jean Perrot and Bernard Vandermeersch in 1973 with the aid of the Wenner-Gren Foundation, Paléorient became in 1975 a publication of the CNRS [Centre national de la recherche scientifique]".

O site explica ainda:
"Paléorient is controlled by a committee composed of fifteen members including ten scientists (at the moment representing paleontology, biological anthropology, prehistory, archaeology, zoo-archaeology, and geography). This committee receives the help of a larger scientific committee of thirty-six scholars representing thirteen nationalities and eight disciplines".

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