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Carlo Maria Martini: textual scholar

O Prof. Stephen Pfann traz hoje em seu blog The View from Jerusalem um belo texto sobre o Cardeal Martini. O assunto do post é: "This past week, I sent to him a copy of the latest expanded edition of my paper which deals with the reading of CJO 701 called 'Mary Magdalene is Now Missing', and asked for his appraisal. He returned his response by email...".

Mas o que eu quero chamar a atenção é para a primeira parte do texto:

His Eminence Cardinal Carlo Martini is a noted figure in the church world today. He was archbishop of Milan for many years... Aside from his duties to the church as priest, archbishop and cardinal, his actual training, and the most loved vocation in his life, has been as a textual scholar. He has dealt primarily with the task of scrutinizing Greek New Testament manuscripts (including hundreds of papyri, uncial, majuscule and minuscule manuscripts), in order to reconstitute the original text of the Greek Bible in the most careful and judicious manner possible. The world of scholarship, as a whole, knows his name as one of the five editors from the title page of the Greek New Testament which they have used since their college years... many still simply call this edition: 'Aland, Black, Martini, Metzger, and Wikgren'. With the passing of Prof. Bruce M. Metzger earlier this year, Cardinal Martini is now the sole surviving member of that team. Since retiring from his role as archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Martini has chosen to continue his work on the Greek New Testament while residing most of the time here in Jerusalem, at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. He has recently published a new facsimile edition of the Epistles of Peter from the Bodmer Papyri. He is presently working on a new edition of Codex Vaticanus, which stands, alongside Codex Sinaiticus as the premier witness to the text of the Greek Old and New Testaments...(cont.)

Leia: Cardinal Martini weighs in. No texto acima, os sublinhados são meus.

Quando estudei em Roma, Martini era Reitor do Pontifício Instituto Bíblico.

Para suas obras, faça uma busca no WorldCat e na Pesquisa de Livros do Google por "Carlo Maria Martini". Muitos de seus livros estão traduzidos para o português. Busque no Submarino, por exemplo.

Resumida biografia de Carlo Maria Martini pode ser lida em: Cenni biografici (Italiano), Biographical notes (English)

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