quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2006

Rodolphe Kasser, tradutor do Evangelho de Judas, comenta as críticas das Igrejas anglicana e católica ao texto gnóstico

Expert damns Church response to Judas gospel
Rodolphe Kasser, who translated the 1,700-year-old Gospel of Judas, tells swissinfo that the Church's rejection of the manuscript smacks of "intellectual laziness". Both the Catholic and Anglican Churches have been quick to dismiss the text, which depicts Judas as one of Jesus's favoured disciples and not the reviled figure of the New Testament. In his Easter Day sermon, the Archbishop of Canterbury belittled the Gospel of Judas as similar to other works from the "more eccentric fringes" of early Christianity. But Kasser, who believes there are other gospels out there waiting to be discovered, says the Gnostic text removes the dark stain on Judas's name that has fuelled anti-Semitism throughout the centuries (cont.)

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